Saturday Social

The academic side of Unravelling the Palaeolithic is shaping up to be a great conference. With an exciting keynote, fascinating demonstrations, and not to mention all the presentations and posters going on. However, there’s more to a conference than that. Networking, socialising, and just generally getting to meet people from the discipline is a key part of any conference.

As such, we’re pleased to announce the Saturday Social event; taking place on Saturday 11th from 7pm. So after you’ve had a bite to eat and a chance to relax, be sure to head back into Liverpool for an event arguably just as important as the conference itself.

This will be taking place in The Vines, which is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. This wonderful baroque building looks even better on the inside, with a beautiful glass ceiling in the exhibition room where the social will be taking place.

As well as announcing this great space, we’re pleased to announce a little icebreaker that will be happening at the start of the social. A brief talk about some of the sillier fringes of Palaeoanthropology will be taking place. Like the idea that Neanderthals were movie-villain monsters, out to prey on humans.

The spooky movie villain Neanderthals (left) some claim existed

This short, light-hearted talk should set the mood for a great social event. Details of how to find the Vines are below.

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