Keynote talk

The keynote event for Unravelling the Palaeolithic will take place the night before at the University of Liverpool. The keynote talk will take place in Lecture Theatre D in the Central Teaching Hub at 7 pm. This is the same building where the rest of the conference is being held; and where many of the university’s excellent palaeoanthropology resources are kept.

After this, there will be a three-course dinner at the nearby Old Blind School. This gorgeous building was once a school for the blind, as the name suggests, but has also served as a police station, trade union headquarters, and music venue. Now it plays host to a great restaurant where we will be having our keynote event.


Of course, the real selling point about this keynote is the talk itself, which will be by Professor Anthony Sinclair. His abstract is below

Unravelling the Concepts of Palaeoanthropology

It is easy for us to say in simple terms that Palaeoanthropology is a multidisciplinary endeavour.  It encompasses the study of lithic technology, faunal and skeletal collections, environmental and dating samples and in ways that are constantly changing.  It also draws on theories and ideas that span the humanities, social sciences and classic sciences.  But beyond this simple description, how are we to know what goes on today across the full range of our research and how our discipline has taken the shape that it has today.  Moreover, how might we to pass this expertise on to the next generation?  In this talk I shall examine how the conceptual development of Palaeolanthropology and explore new ways of presenting an understanding of what it encompasses and what our next generation might need to know.

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