Lunch and a show

We are pleased to announce that there will be a demonstration on hafting and Upper Palaeolithic flintknapping demonstrations by Lithics specialist James Dilley.

These will be taking place over the lunch break on both days, providing an educational and entertaining experience to go along with the complimentary lunch provided at the conference. It’s dinner and a show, Palaeolithic style.

He attended the University of Liverpool recently where he created a hafted spear using the Levallois technique. The gallery below contains some images from that visit, documenting the fascinating process of making the flake and hafting it to a shaft using pitch he made himself.

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Lunch itself will be served in the atrium of the building, where booths and ample seating is available. But if you want some Palaeolithic entertainment with it, be sure to visit the Flint Knapping Cave; which will be open during this period. As well as an exciting demonstration, this replica cave is a unique installation worth seeing. 

You can find further details of James’ work and self-starter company ‘Ancient Craft’ at

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